Fieldstone Farm

The combined Community Services and Agriculture & Conservation Committees have regularly supported the work of Fieldstone Farm.  The Farm is the largest Therapeutic Horse training school in the country. Over 800 students are served by 30 staff, numerous volunteers and an equine staff of 36. The unique movement of the horse and the synergy between rider and horse contribute to an improved quality of life for students with a variety of physical challenges.

The equine staff is made up of "retired" horses donated by generous horsewomen and horsemen in Geauga and surrounding counties.  The Kiwanis Club of Cleveland supports classes for low income riders from the City of Cleveland.

On Saturday, September 12, the classes of riders competed for ribbons and trophies.

Don Strother, retired Cleveland Mounted Police Officer is a favorite volunteer at Fieldstone.

Volunteers guide the riders, groom the horses, assist in classes, and make all the wonderful things at Fieldstone possible.

The horses are the stars of Fieldstone. Generous donors share their prized horses providing them with a dignified and useful old age. The care of dedicated volunteers assures that each "horse teacher" is well groomed and loved. Seen here is Princeton, a Fieldstone favorite.

Many of the 800 students at Fieldstone pay part of their fees, but most is covered by donations of money and time.  The Kiwanis Club of Cleveland is a regular donor in support of scholarships for Cleveland youth.

The joy of accomplishment gives meaning to all the volunteer hard work.

Kiwanian Paul Alandt presents a first place trophy at the September 12 Riding Show.

Maureen Foster (left), development director and Lynette Stuart (right) executive director and instructor are two of the dedicated and enthusiastic staff who contribute to Fieldstone's success.

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