Agriculture and Conservation

Yes, Urban Cuyahoga County supports development of Agriculture and Conservation.  A close partnership with 4H combines the Club's interest in youth and agriculture.  Amidst all the brick and mortar of a large city, Cleveland is blessed with The Emerald Necklace, the Cleveland Metroparks.  William Stinchcomb, an early director of the The Cleveland Metroparks, was also President of the Kiwanis Club of Cleveland in 1927. That early partnership was the beginning of long commitment of the Cleveland Kiwanis Club to the Metroparks.

Lolly the Trolley takes the Club to see some Metropark improvements.


Bat Condo given by the Club to the North Chagrin Reservation

Princeton, retired horse enjoying a post-retirement job as a therapist at Fieldstone Farm, supported by the Kiwanis Club of Cleveland.